So what did she say when you brought her pink roses?
Did she ask where they came from, how you happened to have them?
Did you say that they came from the mountain?

Did you mention the garden and how it was new?
Did she seem to have interest?
And want to know why...

Why someone like you would have roses,
And someone like you would know how
To bring roses to bloom on that mountain.

So what did she say when you gave her the roses?
Was there surprise in her voice as she said thanks?
Did she take them and smile, did she note their faint scent?

Many don't know that mountains grow roses,
Midst rocks in patches of sun,
With wind in the pines for companions.

Perhaps she knows nothing of roses...sees nothing in roses.
So that is the reason, I'm thinking she had nothing to say
...when you brought her pink roses.


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