Fireboats - Philadelphia, PA, - Baltimore, MD - Chicago, Il

Philadelphia photographs taken at Penn's Landing in June 2006
Chicago photograph taken in September 2008
Baltimore photographs taken in June 2007

Fireboats - the "Franklin" (Marine 2) and the "Delaware" (Marine 1)
Philadelphia Fire Department - Philadelphia, PA

Fireboats - the "Mayor Thomas D'Alesandro, Jr." and the "John R. Frazier."
Baltimore City Fire Department - Baltimore,MD

Fireboat - the "Victor L. Schlaeger" #58
Chicago Fire Department - Chicago,Il

[Original photographs were taken in 16bit RAW format. Size: 3504x2336]

The Franklin and the Delaware are sister ships built in 1950 at RTC shipbuilding in Camden, NJ.

Both vessels were designed by Thomas Bowes and were built with improvements on his other Philadelphia fireboat the Bernard Samuel.

Both are 79' 4'' and can pump 6,000 gal/min at 150 PSI. They are equiped with a 30' firetower, which can be lowered, and are also capable of spraying 275,000 gal of foam. The Franklin and the Delaware have been in continuous service since 1950.

fireboat Delaware

fireboat Franklin

frieboat Franklin

fireboat Franklin

fireboat Franklin




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