Tugboats photographed on the Upper Chesapeake Bay and Baltimore Harbor, June 2007

Tugboats photographed on the Delaware River at Penn's Landing, Philadelphia, PA. Safe Boating Day - June 2006.

Fireboats - the "Franklin" (Marine 2) and the "Delaware" (Marine 1)
Philadelphia Fire Department - Philadelphia, PA
Photographs taken at Penn's Landing in June 2006

Aboard the Nantucket Clipper sailing from Alexandria, VA to New York and the Hudson River - Spring 2006

Tugboats on the Northeast Waterways - Photographs taken May 2006
38 photographs taken on the Potomac River, Chesapeake Bay, New York Harbor and the Hudson River.

April 19, 2005 - The USS America, the third Kitty Hawk-class attack aricraft carrier, leaves Philadelphia and is towed out to sea to be sunk for use as an artificial reef.

Chesapeake Bay Workboats - Digital images produced from black and white negatives. Images taken in 1974 in Annapolis, MD

Tugboats on the Chesapeake Bay - Photographs taken November 2004.

Aboard the Nantucket Clipper sailing from New York to Virginia - Fall 2003

She gives me new eyes and new ears, soon the days have no names and time is marked only by the changes in light.

Sailing Long Island Sound - Spring 2002

Connecticut River
Block Island
Orient Light and Plum Island

Sailing the Hudson River from NYC to Troy, NY - October 2001

boat fire
Sailboat on Fire!

This is a series of eleven images taken in Back Creek, MD in May of 1975. The photographs were originally taken as ektachrome transparencies 25 years ago.
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