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one day is only a shard

"a sliver of time...wear it under my skin"

Is there a door...?

"Then decided that must have been what was the reason for the sign that said "...the last one out has taken the door..." Return to sender..."

...these dreams

"So, although there was a sense of that not being all there was, it was all there was for just then, all that her mind would produce for her...this vignette, this glimpse...that's how it often happens with these stories of the night, these never-real, made-up tales that the mind tells itself...these dreams."

The Lady...

"She sits by the window, way in the back of the bus, almost by herself..."

...she is a Damask Rose

"Good that I went out and saw the rose in such dire straits, otherwise I would not have seen her at her worst..."

Leonard...was his name

"He was someone I knew a long time ago...seemed at the time that he was from the other end of the universe from me, that's how different our lives were up until that point..."

Lives a shadow

"Lives a shadow cast upon my door..."

no reference, no book...

"...and all I will be able to say is...I didn't know, there was no reference, no book..."

she said nothing...

"So what did she say when you brought her pink roses?..."

A Dragon's Tale

"In the quiet, just beginning to warm, soft as velvet spring nights, the dragon would be up and about on the mountain. About, because it was and there, among the undergrowth, looking, everyone supposed, for something to eat..."

Let all that is Indian within you die!
The U.S. Reservation School System, 1870-1928

One America - A Presidential Sham

Genocide and The Land of the Forgotten...

One America and Cultural Diversity

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